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“Media Buying Must Be Done On Relevant Channels For Relevant Consumers” - Media Experts

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Some scores of Media Experts are urging the general public to practice media buying on relevant channels for relevant consumers.

According to them, when media buying is done properly, it helps boost the confidence of the various media outlets and their customer base.

Speaking on the theme, ‘Role of Data In Media Buying Decisions’ at AFRIMASS 2020 in Accra, General Manager for Vizeum Ghana, Mr. Odoom said “Media buying is a process of identifying and buying ad space on channels on relevant channels also relevant for the consumer at an appropriate time at a good rate. It is always important to buy it on good platforms and at a time that it delivers on the volume, where the consumers are”

He also tasked the various media outlets to give their client reasonable prices in order to inspire them to run more businesses on their relevant channels.

“So, if someone approaches you with a plan and says these are the objectives. It must translate into marketing objectives. There are a business objective and a marketing objective. It is also important to go into time research but don’t forget it is time-consuming” he stated.

On her part, Expert in Business Development and Project Management, Maame Arhin disclosed that for television and radio to be relevant, it must also take its audience into consideration.

“What makes a television or a radio relevant boils down to two major things It is important to take your audience into consideration. Not all of them will love to watch what you are marketing”

She also hinted that for clients to stick to one relevant media organization, he/she ensure the channel has the most viewership.

“There is audience tracking. It helps us to know which channels get the views on a daily basis” she added.

General Manager of TV3, Francis Doku said “Media Buying is a part of a bigger discipline of media planning. You look at what strategy will work for a particular brand. When you have a brand and you want people to buy it, you first look at what strategy will work, what plan”

He also advised the clients to effectuate their plan since it will help them in making better decisions.

Marketing, Communication, and Business Expert, Kodjo Botchway explained that most media consider position and pricing as an important tool of media buying.

He however hinted that this helps to buy media space very effective for media houses.

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Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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