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MBCF to press on for well-being of Breast Cancer patients

Meena Breast Cancer Foundation (MBCF) is to press for the promotion of the well-being of breast cancer patients in its maiden press conference.

“The press conference has become necessary because of rising deaths among breast cancer patients, difficulty in accessing breast care because of high treatment costs and dwindling sensitization campaign on the disease,” a portion of the invitation read.

MBCF seeks to bring together government representatives and other stakeholders at the conference in unity to promote the welfare of breast cancer victims.

The Executive Director of Meena Breast Cancer Foundation (MBCF), Ibrahim Oppong Kwarteng will lead the address as he speaks to the media on the issues earlier stated.

It will be recalled that a year ago, Mr. Kwarteng lost his wife, Amina Oppong Kwarteng to the disease.

The woman who vowed to champion advocacy and support for breast cancer patients did not survive treatment.

Her dreams however did not die leading to the establishment of the Foundation.

Since its establishment, hundreds of women have been supported to undergo treatment.

Aside from treatment support, Meena Breast Cancer Foundation (MBCF) is complementing government’s sensitization efforts.

MBCF is also constructing a breast cancer centre in the Central region. The facility, which is the first of its kind, will have health professionals stationed at the centre to provide counseling and minor treatment of the disease.

The Foundation counts on the general public to support its push to enhance the country’s health delivery system, especially for breast cancer patients.

Credit: Crime Check Foundation



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