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Locked-up Investment Holders to resume picketing today at Finance Ministry over unfulfilled promises

The Locked-up Investment Holders' Forum has announced plans to resume its picketing at the Finance Ministry today, Wednesday, June 5, following the ministry's failure to fulfill its recent promise to engage with them.

Despite assurances from Deputy Finance Minister Dr. Stephen Amoah, the ministry has not addressed the group's concerns, leaving members increasingly frustrated.

The forum had previously suspended its protest after Dr. Amoah intervened, promising to address their issues.

However, the lack of subsequent engagement has compelled the group to reconsider their decision.

The members are demanding concrete assurances from the Finance Ministry that will enable the Bank of Ghana to release funds locked up in defunct finance firms.

Dr. Adu Anane Antwi, the Convenor of the Locked-up Investment Holders' Forum, expressed the group's disappointment over the ministry's inaction.

"We will be resuming our picketing this Wednesday, June 5, 2024, as the meeting that was promised by the Deputy Minister for Finance, Dr. Stephen Amoah, with us after he returned from his trip on May 27, 2024, has still not come on," Dr. Antwi stated.

He added that despite multiple attempts to contact Dr. Amoah, there has been no response.

"I sent the Deputy Minister a text message and a WhatsApp message last Thursday reminding him that we are still waiting for him to call us for the meeting," Dr. Antwi said.

"We still have not received any response whatsoever from the Ministry of Finance, and therefore…this coming Wednesday, June 5, we are resuming the picketing."

The forum remains determined to continue its protest until their grievances are addressed and its members receive the funds they are owed.

The group's renewed picketing underscores the urgent need for the Finance Ministry to engage with the affected individuals and provide a clear resolution to the ongoing issue of locked-up investments.

As the picketing resumes, the Locked-up Investment Holders' Forum hopes that the increased visibility of their protest will prompt the Finance Ministry to take swift action and fulfill its commitments to the affected investors.

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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