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LOCAL NEWS: "Ghanaian Media Have Been Biased To Me" – Former Maritime Boss Wails

A Former Director-General of the Ghana Maritime Authority (GMA), Kwame Owusu has said the Ghanaian media have not been fair to him in terms of their reportage.

According to him, the issue of bias reportage is not limited to him but many others insisting he was not given a fair hearing in the wake of his controversies at the Ghana Maritime Authority.

Speaking to an Accra-based television station, he disclosed that though it happened, he is not bitter and has forgiven all those who unfairly reported on his issues.

“On the media side, you were not fair to me and many others but I am not in pain. I am a very happy person. If I go to sleep, I sleep soundly”, he disclosed.

Citing instances of unfair reportage about him he said “Sometimes I question you the media and your sincerity. Somebody takes a paper and attach please find meetings and whatever and somebody writes next to it eight people eat ten thousand Ghana Cedis…and nobody had the sense to say let us investigate it. If you read the document posted by A Plus, it was clear. You did not bother to do any investigations. Instead of reporting and make Ghanaians get information you want to make news so that your papers and your stations can be watched” Mr. Kwame Owusu two years ago literally went bonkers at a press conference he organized to clear the air at the time of raging controversies surrounding his administration. In what started as civil Question and Answer session between him and the journalists who sought further clarification on the award of contracts as well as the infamous food ordered from his hotel, later resulted in switched anger buttons after TV3’s Komla Klutse took the microphone to ask a question.

The journalist in a video footage obtained by wanted to know if he [Kwame Owusu] believes the board will do a fair job and demanded he clears the air on his relationship with a contractor working on his official residence many say is his cousin.

As if Mr. Owusu was already firing up for the journalist, he threw the first jab and followed it up with many others in a seeming angry tone.

“Komla thank you. I wanted you to have the opportunity because you have been a leader of championing the mischief. In the first place, you even have gone far to take a picture of my hotel and put it out so it is no wonder you are questioning. If you are questioning the integrity of the board, if you are going to question just as you have been doing the integrity of the minister, it is not me to tell you whether the board will be fair or not fair. It is not me Komla to tell you, if you want to go, go to the minister and ask and I don’t know whether you think he should have brought in back contractors. It is not my mandate to determine whether they will be fair or not fair” he said.

Source: Mynewsgh



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