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LIFESTYLE: Five Tribes In Ghana With The Most Dateable Women (Pictures)

Ghanaian women are 2nd behind South Africans for having the most beautiful women on the continent.

We take a look at the qualities of women from five Tribes in Ghana most dateable and beautiful

Ewe Girls

Ewe girls are said to be homely making them good marriage materials. A Volta girl is said to have had extra of the clay used in making women. So shapely, nice bum, sweet at the front, and a great body in general. Asides from all these goodies, you get to have some theatrics in bed as an add on. Ewe girls never disappoint.

The Fantes

Fante girls are for the flex! Career women, checked! They are extremely hardworking and so responsible. Beautiful skin, double-checked! It must be the sea because their skin is smooth and alluring, you can’t resist a touch if you are her man. She is a woman with a soft heart, she’s very kind. You wouldn’t ever miss a good meal and some tender care.

Generally, Fante girls make their men feel good and they are good with words. Terribly good.

The Girls At The Top

Girls from the Northern part of Ghana are extremely respectful. She will worship the ground you walk on, literally. A lazy woman? not at all. She works hard for her own money, she doesn’t wait on a man. She’s beautiful, her melanin pops. She’s tall and has a sexy model figure going on and she doesn’t stop.

The Ballerinas from the South

Our girls from the south do have that banging bootyyyyy…. You can’t miss a Ga girl's behind. It’s beautiful, it’s unavoidable but you can’t touch it! She’s effortless in defending herself. Being her man makes you walk in town with pride. Nobody can do you shele.

A born queen

She's rich and she knows how to dress down and boast about her man.

She makes her man feel good and in bed. That kind of woman exalts her man, she makes sure he reaches his goals.

Women in Ghana asides from character and strength are defined by their aesthetics and physique. So boys, what's your take?

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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