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"Let Us Improve Upon The 'Can Do Spirit' As Africans" - Hon. Afful

The Kantanka automobiles have earned their respect and name in the country and beyond.

Aside the issues with patronizing his works, he is respected and cheered in Ghana and other countries.

"Kantanka automobiles are currently having the attention it needs in the market space and it is getting recognized and purchased as well", according to Hon. Afful Manu Benjamin, a Businessman and the Financier of the New Patriotic Party in Tain constituency.

After a delivery of the 18 vehicles being presented to the national identification authority (NIA), by Kantanka, with a massive presentation, the Chief Executive Manager for the Kantanka automobiles in Bono, Ahafo, Bono East and the northern part Ghana.

Hon. Afful showed his gratitude to the government for recognizing the big push to show the capability of Kantanka in the automobile production.

"This steps proves that what the white man can do, black man is also capable of doing it too", he expressed.

During an interview with Appiah Kubi on Tain FM Anɔpa Nkɔmmɔ, the Chief Executive addressed that the white men have manipulated African's mind in the case that whatever a blackman does is evil.

He furthered that African's talents have been subdued which is incapable to grow for it betterment.

"They have initiated a curriculum for us, to surpress our talents since Guggesburg time and I think this is the time we get to know the 'can do' spirit in us", he stated.

He also disputed the fact that, the cars are made of good quality and used with locally made material to help with its lifespans.

He added an evaluations to convince many on why these products Kantanka needed to be purchased.

"It is the beginning of something bigger and this is not where we stop. This is only the beginning and the best is yet to come", he said.

Story by: Appiah-Kubi, Tain FM



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