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"Leadership is very essential therefore has to be enhanced" - Mr. Ben Aryee

Mr. Ben Aryee, Advisor on mines to the Minister of Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources gave a brief overview of his expectations on the gender inequalities, therefore women should be recognized in the majority in the mining sector and went ahead to educate the participants on the historical and cultural that in 1842 no woman and child should be allowed to practice underground mining purpose.

The Chairman of the occasion and Advisor to the minister, added that the under-representation of women at any level of governance and decision-making results in a democratic deficit.

It has been proven time and again that diverse groups make better decisions.

This is particularly true when it comes to a task as challenging as representing the interests of citizens at the local level.

He said this in his remarks “everyone of us can make a difference and become the light where we are” at the case study research on women participation in the extractive governance(WIM) Ghana on Thursday, 25th January, 2023 at the Tomriek Hotel, East Legon.

In the opening statement of Dr. Georgette Barnes Sakyi-Addo, the president of Women in Mining Ghana added that as part of efforts to promote women participation in the mining sector, Women In Mining(WIM) Ghana with support from the Ford Foundation commissioned a Gender Mapping Research in the Eastern and Western Region to help identify gender imbalances within the mining sectors and to proffer solutions that would inform the advocacy agenda and the development of strategies to promote gender inclusion in the mining industry.

She touted the integral objectives of women in the mining industry such as advocates for women in the extractives sector.

Coordinate the activities of women in mining across the value chain in the country and beyond among others.

Subsequently, Mr. Samuel Osei Bekoe at the Centre for Extractives and Development, Africa(CEDA) presented on the case study report on the barriers and limitations in governance in women participation.

He added, globally and statistically Ghana has 9%, Brazil 12%, South Africa 13% which is quite low but some countries are advancing faster than others.

The workshop programme is expected to have discussion on issues such as empowering Women in Mining, Importance of Standardization among others.

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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