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Kwaku Kobeah files NDC Presidential Nomination Forms (PICS)

Presidential Candidate Hopeful for the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Ernest Kwaku Kobeah has filed his presidential nomination forms at the party’s headquarters.

Speaking to the media after the filing of Nomination forms, spokesperson for Kwaku Kobeah, Aliu Zomira expressed his gratitude to the party leadership for the healthy reception given to him and the team m.

Mr. Zomira noted that Kwaku Kobeah is a well trusted candidate who can lead the party to power in 2024 general election.

He indicated Kwaku Kobeah is ready to solve the Ghanaian sewage system issue which has become a major problem to the country.

He emphasized that Ghana needs young and experience person who can work hard to revive the ailing economy through sanitation among other measures.

According to Aliu Zomira, it is very paramount the party engage in decent campaign since everybody will be needed on board after the primaries and commended Mahama for his record whiles he calls on support for Kwaku Kobeah who has the grassroots at heart.

“Kwaku Kobeah is a grassroot person and with his policy dubbed Wo Daakye Nti, all the qualified grassroot members will be taken care by the policy because it is about time they also form part of the government not only the party financiers” he noted.

Below are some pictures:

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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