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Koforidua Sex Workers Reduce Prices Amidst Economic Hardships

Sex workers in Koforidua in the Eastern Region have put a massive discount on their prices in order to maintain their customers amidst economic hardships.

According to the spokesperson for the sex workers union in the Eastern Region capital, they’ve lost a lot of customers in the past three months and in the bid to regain and maintain the current ones – They’ve decided to reduce their price.

The group attributed the near-collapse of their business to the current economic hardships which have forced most men to remain celibate and the married ones to stay with their wives alone.


Initially, they charged 50ghc for short and 150ghc for a night stay the current reviewed prices are 20ghc for short and 80ghc for long.

Speaking to a local news reporter, the group said;

“We have reduced our prices to make Christmas exciting for you so come and patronise us,”

“For some time now, business has been bad due to complaints of the current economic hardship. We have lost most of our customers because they also find it difficult to afford our prices”.

“Before the economic crises, we use to charge at least Ghc50 for a short time and an average of Ghc150 for night service but as we speak to you now, we barely get half of the above charges, and this is a big problem to us”

“They’re enticing male customers to use their services since they’re prepared to lower the price to get them out of financial trouble.“

Credit: GHPage



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