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“Kill Me”, “Jail Me” But I’ll Never 'Eat' My Words – Mornah Tells CID

Chairman of the People’s National Convention (PNC), Mr. Bernard Mornah says he will not retract his words is ever ready to ‘die’ for the truth if that is what the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) of the Ghana Police Service wants. Mornah invitation The CID invited Mr. Mornah for allegedly saying: “We’ll beat and kill each other” should confusion arise at any voter ID card registration centre during the Electoral Commission’s forthcoming exercise to compile a new register. According to the CID, Mr. Mornah made the statement during a press conference by the Inter-Party Resistance Against New Register (IPRAN) on 26 May 2020. He’s expected to honour the invitation on Tuesday, 2nd June 2020 at 10 am at the CID headquarters in Accra. No U-turn Bernard Mornah who is also the leader of the IPRAN, in an interview with NEAT FM’s morning show ‘Ghana Montie’ insisted he will not eat his words. “ . . and let me repeat, the path on which the Electoral Commission is trading will bring serious issues to this country. If the CID is inviting me because of what I said, I will go and I will repeat the same thing there,” he stated. Kill me, jail me He told host Kwesi Aboagye that he is “ready” to die and maintained that he has no regret whatsoever about his utterance. I will say it in exactly the same way; what I said. If they [CID] want my life, I will give it to them freely. I will not be guarded and cease from saying what I feel will lead the country to peace and stability. They can kill me, they can jail me but that will not deter me from what I said. I will die but will still say it,” he emphatically stated. IPRAN reacts to Mornah invitation According to the group, Mr. Bernard Mornah’s invite will not soften its “poignant stance” on the “ill-advised and needless decision to compile a new register of voters. IPRAN, in a statement issued and signed by the Leader and Founder of the United Front Party on Thursday, 28th May 2020, it has taken notice of an “official invitation extended to the Convener of the Coalition by the CID to assist in investigations in connection with some alleged inflammatory comments” at its press conference. The group noted that it is "appalled by the decision of the CID to kowtow to the whims and caprices of some individuals who have been irked by, not just the spirited resistance of Comrade Bernard Mornah, in particular, but by the Coalition as a whole.” It continued that the Coalition “knows that this is a calculated attempt by the government through the police to intimidate and cow the Coalition into submission on the heated matter of the compilation of anew voters’ register ahead of the 2020 elections” and that “as a law-abiding citizen and a renowned public figure, the CID should rest assured that Comrade Bernard Mornah would honour the invitation as scheduled in the invitation letter.” The Coalition continued further that the police should beware “that this is not going to soften the poignant stance of the Coalition on the ill-advised and needless decision to compile a new voters’ register which is going to disenfranchise a vast majority of the people coupled with the fact that it is at a huge cost to the poor taxpayer.”




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