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KASOA AKWELEY: 30-year-old taxi driver dies after checking into hotel with side chic

A 30-year-old taxi driver named Akwasi Yeboah, who operated in Kasoa Akweley, Awutu Senya East, Central Region, has met his untimely death after checking into a hotel with his side chic.

The incident occurred after he left his wife and child at home.

Reports indicate that after several sexual encounters, Yeboah collapsed and died.

Before the incident, Yeboah had informed his fellow taxi drivers that his side chic had finally agreed to his advances, and he intended to have a good time with her.

The side chic, whose name is being withheld, recounted that Yeboah suddenly stopped during one of their sessions and fell off the bed.

Despite her efforts to revive him, he remained unresponsive.

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Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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