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Kaneshie Market Women Clash With Accra Market Limited Over GHc2.20p Daily Ticket (+ Video)

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Traders at the Kaneshie Market have clashed with Management of the Accra Market Limited (Kaneshie Market Complex) over their refusal to pay a GHc2.20p daily toll.

According to the market women, they are disappointed in the ill-treatment meted to them by the Chairman of the Industrial Commercial Workers Union of Ghana (ICU) and his men adding they will only pay GHc1.

In an exclusive interview with ThinkNewsOnline, Maame Tiwaa, a trader at the market said "We used to sell in the market until the Manager of this place sacked us without offering a new place. Through our own struggles, we managed to secure the pavements and this is where we have been for some time. We have been tasked to pay a daily ticket of GHc2.20p which we feel is too expensive for us"

She added due to the ill-treatment, they called on the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (A.M.A) to come to their aid of which they (A.M.A) responded.

Maame Tiwaa further explained that they (Market Women) later agreed to a daily ticket of charging us GHc1.

"They have been harassing us. When we complain, he (ICU Chairman) orders his boys to come and destroy our things and beat us. I had to fix my stand for a GHc100. I do not have money. How do I survive?"

Emelia Sam, another market women said "In fact, we are suffering. If they get to see that I am talking to you, I might lose my sales-point. We have leaders but when we are in crisis, but they are too weak to speak for us"

She explained that they (traders) spend at most GHc50 each day in transporting their products from the market to the store house and vice versa.

Emelia added that although they (Market women) have not reported the case to the Kaneshie police, they feel the men and women in uniform have heard their cries but are refusing to come to their aid.

"We will not mobilize and march to their station to report. We are selling across their office and they see what we are going through on daily basis. I am so surprised they have refused to come to our aid" she fumed.

Reacting to the allegations, Chairman of the Industrial Commercial Workers Union of Ghana (ICU), Richard Quaye-Tawiah admitted that although the GHc2.20p imposed on the traders is expensive, they (Accra Market Limited) use the same monies collected to maintain the market.

He said "To a large extent, they have an issue and they are right. We have been in-charge of the market including ticketing for the past 37yrs. We have a legislative Instrument (LI) that has given us the legal rights and backing to do what we are doing"

He added that the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (A.M.A), National Investment Bank (NIB), Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB) and State Insurance Company (SIC), each have a 25% shares in the market.

Mr. Tawiah revealed that when the market was being built, the A.M.A refused to contribute saying they lack funds.

"The A.M.A said they do not have money so we should build on own. Their contribution will be allowing us take tolls from the traders as part of their support. We agreed and the market was built" he fumed.

The ICU Chairman further explained that the despite the A.M.A not contributing to the construction of the facility, it comes for their devidant at the end of every year hence the imposing on GHc2.20p toll on the traders.

He lambasted the Accra Metropolitan Assembly for hypocritical behaviours toward the collection of tickets warning them to back off to avoid the ICU's wrath.

"Since the A.M.A are not going to back down, the clashes are going to continue. Whoever has to solve this issue must do it once and for all because we can guarantee what can happen next. If it is the Ministry of Local Government or Government, we are pleading with them"

Mr. Tawiah noted that efforts have been made to get the Accra Metropolitan Assembly to deliberate on the issue, but they have been turned down.

"Last week, my MD was in the office of the Mayor upon invitation but they sat for close to 5hrs of which the Mayor did not show up" he fumed.

Efforts by ThinkNewsOnline to reach the Okaikoi South Sub-Metro Director, Samuel MorMor to respond to the pending issue has proved futile as he has declined to speak to the matter.

ThinkNewsOnline will be monitoring and will keep its readers updated on new developments.

Watch full interview:

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith