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John Mahama proposes establishment of new city to alleviate pressure on Accra

In a proposal aimed at addressing the burgeoning urban sprawl and mounting pressure on social services in Accra, former President John Dramani Mahama has suggested the creation of a new city.

Speaking on Sunday during a Mahama Media Encounter, he noted that the initiative will help distribute the load more evenly across the region and ensure sustainable urban development.

Mahama outlined the challenges posed by Accra's rapid expansion, emphasizing the difficulty in maintaining effective social services as the city's population grows.

He drew a parallel with Nigeria’s decision to establish Abuja as its capital, highlighting how this move helped decongest Lagos, which would otherwise have faced severe gridlock.

"Can you imagine if Nigeria had not built Abuja today? Lagos would have been in red lock. You would not be able to even walk in Lagos because it would have been shut down," Mahama remarked.

He stressed the importance of proactive planning to avoid similar congestion and inefficiencies in Accra.

The former president proposed the development of a new city to house various government agencies and departments, thereby reducing the strain on Accra.

He emphasized the necessity of connecting the new city to Accra with efficient transportation networks to facilitate easy movement between the two cities.

Aside from easing congestion, Mahama highlighted the potential benefits of the new city in terms of urban planning and quality of life.

"We have the opportunity to plan that city better and ease the gridlock in Accra," he said.

He envisaged a city with access to clean water from nearby lakes and rivers, smart city infrastructure, well-organized markets, supermarkets, schools, parks, and recreation facilities.

Mahama also saw the new city as a potential tourist hub, proposing the creation of amusement parks and water parks.

"We have no water park in this country where you can go with your family and have a nice time," he noted, underscoring the importance of such amenities for enhancing the quality of life.

Acknowledging that the project would be a long-term endeavor, Mahama estimated a 20-year timeline for its completion.

He stressed the need to begin feasibility studies and planning within the next four years, laying the groundwork for future administrations to implement the vision.

"We might not live to see the end of it for some of us, but our children and our children's children will benefit from the establishment of a new city like that," Mahama concluded.

This ambitious proposal reflects Mahama’s commitment to addressing urban challenges and improving the quality of life for future generations.

As Accra continues to expand, his vision for a new city offers a forward-thinking solution to the pressures of urbanization.

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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