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John Kumah goes home today

The late John Kumah, former Member of Parliament for the Ejisu Constituency in the Ashanti Region, will be laid to rest today, marking the final farewell for a dedicated public servant whose sudden death has left a significant void in his community and the nation.

John Kumah, who served as the MP for Ejisu, was known for his commitment to the development of his constituency and his tireless efforts in addressing the needs of his constituents.

He was a prominent figure in Ghanaian politics, having contributed to various legislative initiatives and community projects aimed at improving the lives of the people in Ejisu.

Tragically, John Kumah passed away unexpectedly on April 30, 2024, following a brief illness.

His death sent shockwaves through the political landscape and his constituency, where he was deeply respected and loved. Colleagues, friends, and constituents have since expressed their profound grief and admiration for his dedication and service.

Kumah's tenure as MP was marked by several notable achievements, including significant improvements in local infrastructure, education, and healthcare.

He was instrumental in the construction of new school buildings, health centers, and roads, which have had a lasting impact on the community.

His efforts in promoting youth development and employment opportunities also garnered widespread appreciation.

Today, as the community gathers to bid farewell to John Kumah, his legacy is celebrated with heartfelt tributes and reflections on his life and career.

The funeral service, attended by family, friends, political figures, and members of the Ejisu community, is a solemn occasion that highlights the enduring impact of his work.

In his eulogy, Speaker of Parliament Alban Bagbin, who administered the oath of office to Kumah's successor, Kwabena Boateng, paid homage to the late MP's contributions.

"John Kumah's dedication to his constituents and his unwavering commitment to public service will be remembered and cherished. His legacy of compassion, leadership, and development will continue to inspire us all," Bagbin stated.

Kumah's passing has also sparked a renewed call for political unity and dedication to public service among Ghanaian leaders.

Many have emphasized the importance of continuing his work and ensuring that his vision for Ejisu's development is realized.

As John Kumah is laid to rest, the people of Ejisu and the entire nation remember a man whose life was defined by his service to others.

His memory lives on through the many lives he touched and the positive changes he brought to his community.

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith

Video credit: GHOneTv



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