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Jessica tearfully narrates why she quit broadcasting at age 40 (VIDEO)

One year after she called it quits with her media broadcasting career, Jessica Opare Saforo has disclosed what necessitated her decision.

Jessica, who has currently ventured into full-time digital media (YouTubing), after 17 years of media practice with her immediate past firm, said the timing was just right.

Narrating her story on her channel, the broadcaster cum voice over artiste said she had decided to quit her job at age 40 onwards.

She said the media job took the better part of her life and as such, there was the need to break free and explore herself better.

Jessica also refuted several rumors that she fell out with her former boss.

"On the 28th of January 2022, I quit my job. Media outlets were reporting it all over the place, social media was ablaze. To be honest, working in the media took the best part of my life, the best years of it. There were rumors swirling up all over the place, some said I had fallen out with my boss, you know, and that kind of thing. things being said on my behalf that I knew nothing about. None of them were true. I’m still very much in good terms with my boss. there's no bad blood. I left Citi because It was time."

"It was time to truly explore being me. I had hit 40 years and a few months earlier, and I just felt I knew that as soon as I hit 40, I was going to quit. It was just a matter of time and it was a decision I made," she stated.

Jessica, who currently has close to 1 million subscribers on YouTube, described her new venture as fulfilling adding that she Is finally living her dreams.

"Has it been a rewarding journey so far? Absolutely, Absolutely. some of my wildest dreams have come true. Things I never thought I'd have been able to do. I'm not the type that shows things on social media and I'm happy to share my successes with those who are really close to me. do I miss my former job? No."

Watch the video below:

Credit: GhanaWeb



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