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"It’s Nice To Be With Tigers" – Trainer of Freedom’s Animals Speaks

The trainer of the tigers belonging to businessman Freedom Jacob Caesar, Samuel Tiwonitaaba Kuteba, has said it is nice to be with tigers.

He shared his experience with tigers while speaking in interview with the media on Friday May 20.

He said “Since I came into contact with these animals I realized it is nice to be with them. Every time I come near them I don’t want to go back home because it is nice to be with them, they have a way of communicating. I love to be with them because of the way they are.”

Kuteba further indicated that Caesar’s tigers do not pose a threat to society because they have been declawed.

“Tigers have some areas in their lives that make them very dangerous, that is their nails. So we said if that is the dangerous part of them then why can’t we declaw them, so these animals that we are talking about that they are dangerous, their nails have been declawed, they don’t have nails,” he said. Caesar himself earlier told journalists that he went through the right process in bringing the animals to boost Ghana’s tourism.

He says he brought in expert who created a safety cage for the animals in order to ensure that they do not pose a danger to society.

Residents of Wonder World Estates, Avenue Lincoln near the British High Commission at Ridge in Accra, were reported to have expressed deep concerns over the two tigers in their neigbourhood.

Multiple media reports quoted some residents who claimed that “the animals stink. Those animals are held inside an apartment where there is no access to proper fresh air. As soon as the door is open, you sniff a strong unpleasant smell emanating from them.”

Speaking on this development in interview with the press on Thursday May 19, Jacob Caesar said “First of all, it is right, I have two tigers that I bought on a bid between Ghana and Dubai which I was the representative from the private sector that had initiated my interest in purchasing these two animals. But we did go through the process, the animals are seven months old, still at the very young stage.

“I went in to buy these animals to add the value of tourism in our country. I wanted to go into the Safari World by making sure that Ghana becomes the first country in the whole of West Africa, East Africa and Central Africa, except for South Africa that have these animals. “We wanted to be the first that will have it and so, I went in for the male and the female version of it, I have been keeping them on me for six months. I brought expects from outside to create safety cage for these animals so they don’t become dangerous to the public.”

The Accra Regional Command of the Ghana Police Service says it is investigating the circumstances that led to a resident in a gated community in Osu keeping two tigers in his home.

The Command confirmed receiving a complaint about the issue.

“Preliminary investigations have established that a resident in a gated community at Osu is keeping two tigers under lock in a cage in his house,” a statement issued by the Public Affairs Unit of the Command on Thursday said.

“Police have reached out to the Wildlife Division of the Forestry Commission and efforts are underway to relocate the animals to an appropriate facility.”

The police said a special team has been deployed to the area to ensure the safety and security of residents until the animals are relocated.

“While investigations continue, we will like to entreat all residents within the community to remain calm as we work with our stakeholders to ensure their safety.”

Story by: Laud Nartey



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