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"It’s disappointing to see creatives campaign for political parties when they don’t support the sector" – Ashis

ARTISTE Manager and Entertainment Pundit, Nana Poku Ashis, is cautioning creatives to be mindful of mounting campaign platforms of politicians who only take advantage of them to get into office.

With the general election coming off later in the year, politicians will once again use and dump the creatives. They will ride on creatives’ popularity and numbers for their campaigns but do not have their welfare at heart. 

Talking to Graphic Showbiz in a recent interview, Ashis said: “It is about time players in the Creative Industry come together as one voice to fight for a common goal because politicians have taken them for granted for far too long.    

“We are only needed during campaign time so they can come to power and after that, we are left on our own. I have told myself that until a presidential candidate can convince me that he has our interest at heart and is willing to implement policies that help creatives, there is no way I am voting. I believe if every creative thinks like me, they will take us seriously and provide us with what we need to effectively execute our jobs"

“With how we have been treated so far, I don’t expect to see any creative jumping on any political platform to campaign for a politician until our voices are heard. In December, we will be voting, and we will be needed for campaigns, and this is the time we should make our voices heard. Let’s come together as one and fight for a common goal,” Ashis added.

Ashis said the creative sector played a crucial role in the country’s development, contributing to economic growth, job creation and government tax revenue. 

“It is about time the government took a serious look our way. The creative sector makes huge money for this country, so I cannot understand why we are neglected. Just look at all the money and jobs we created via just December in GH,” he noted.

Credit: Graphiconline



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