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"It is our responsibility to empower individuals, organisations through effective training" - GIS

Comptroller-General, Ghana Immigration Service (GIS), Kwame Asuah Takyi has reminded Senior Leadership and Management of the various security institutions in the country that it is their responsibility to empower individuals, teams and organisations through effective training.

He made these remarks while speaking at the opening ceremony of a 5-day Senior Leadership and Management programme being held in Accra.

He said "As leaders, our role is pivotal in shaping the capabilities and the potentials of those we lead and it our responsibility to empower individuals, teams and organizations through effective training"

"Over the next five days, we will delve into various aspects of leadership, good governance, conflict and conflict management, strategic planning and management, emotional intelligence and we will explore latest trends and best practices in leadership and management"

He revealed that throughout his tenure as Comptroller-General, he has made it a priority to strengthen bonds with sister security organisations and key stakeholders in the country.

Mr. Takyi stressed that systematic collaborative learning helps the security agencies to consolidate its experiences and unique knowledge bases to strengthen the various individual organisations.

On her part, Chief Director, Ministry of Interior, Madam Adelaide Anno-Kumi said "I am particularly impressed to see personalities from sister Security and allied agencies gathered under one roof to learn, share experiences and ideas. This is a testament of the kind of leadership that has brought about this level of unity and collaboration amongst you"

"Ladies and Gentlemen, This gathering represents a significant commitment to enhancing your skills and knowledge in the crucial field you all find yourselves and a demonstration of your dedication to fostering a culture of continuous improvement"


"As a Ministry, we understand the vital role you play in ensuring the safety, security and the wellbeing of citizens and therefore the importance of learning and growth cannot be overemphasized"

"It is through initiatives like these that you equip ourselves with the knowledge and skills needed to face the challenges of today and prepare for the opportunities of tomorrow"


"The challenges we face in today's changing world require that you adapt, innovate and collaborate effectively. This training programme has been meticulously designed to sharpen your expertise and to empower you with the tools and insights necessary to operate more efficiently in your various areas of operation"


Taking his turn, Public Sector Governance Expert, Head of Commonwealth Secretariat, UK, Prof. Roger Koranteng said "I am confident that this training programme will rwtool and enable you perform that difficult task in your organisation which contribute to combating insecurity, domestic and cross bother crimes"

"As a developing country continues to combat national crimes, insecurity and law enforcement challenges"

"It is prudent to acknowledge that our task are quite significant as domestic and cross border crimes and insecurities and law enforcement agencies have become more sophisticated in our technologically driven world"

He stressed that following this, senior management from the various security institutions must always be abreast with happenings around the country and world.

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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