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Is It Necessary To Disclose Your Relationship Status On Social Media?

Most at times, it becomes so dicey as to say ‘Yes Or NO’ when one is asked to tell his or her opinion.

Indeed, in some way it is neither good or bad to disclose your relationship status on the social media.

If I’m asked as an individual to share my thoughts and opinion on this issue I will go for No!

Let’s make a few things clear;

1. I don’t have an imaginary partner.

2. No, I am not bidding an abusive or unhappy relationship.

3. Yes, I am really in a relationship.

4. I am not ashamed of my relationship nor of the person with whom I share my life with.

I may be wrong for someone but in my deepest experience as a person, I’ve come to know most relationship that last need privacy. My partner is not into social media.

One would say he or she is an archaic or old fashioned! Yes, that’s reality and he or she is in planet reality!

I do not want to feed others curiosity. I’ve seen it and you certainly have too; people’s curiosity can sometimes, perhaps often come from a bad feeling.

Certain people are just patiently waiting for your doom, downfall or breakup.

When everything seems positive in your relationship, they really don’t bother commenting on any pics or videos of you and your partner and they suffer in silence, but immediately they see or sense a problem, they are the first to comment or sympathize and show their disguised goodwill. Be careful!

I have nothing to prove that I am happy and in a healthy relationship, nor do I have to prove to the single people that life in a relationship is better and that makes them complete.

I don’t have to convince myself that my partner is my partner. That he or she’s supports me in my projects. I refuse to enter into a virtual competition of who makes the best Couple on the Media via IG, FB, Snap etc. I refuse to be the external validation. “Ain’t we cute couples”? “Are we compatible”?

I want to avoid having to justify myself by sharing a piece of myself on social media. This is because we invite others to be part of our lives. I don’t want my relationship to be owned by anyone Except Us.

In a nutshell, posting your relationship on the media create way for competition, envy, jealousy among friends and people from afar. Not all those who congratulate us really wish us well.!

It’s really natural for someone to hate you. Because you posed to be perfect out there hence u ought to be hated for.

Most people also pretend to have a perfect life out there hence if u follow their steps it’s definitely going to ruin a well-designed relationship into shambles.

Keep your relationship to yourself. Avoid toxic friends around you and stop showing off partners to friends, not everyone is evil but most are Evil!

Source: Mandy Woods



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