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"I’ve Not Endorsed Mike Oquaye Jnr" - NPP Kwabenya Secretary Refutes Claims

The New Patriotic Party’s secretary for Dome-Kwabenya, Theophilus Mensah has rubbished allegations that he is supporting Mike Oquaye Junior in the upcoming parliamentary primaries. He described the allegations as perceptions without any shred of evidence. The constituency’s youth organiser, David Obiri Yeboah has accused the constituency secretary of printing an album without authorisation. He also alleged that the secretary has endorsed Oquaye Junior and was scheming to make him win the election. But reacting to the allegations, Mr. Mensah disputed them and asked the public to disregard their allegations. He was disappointed Mr Obiri Yeboah is trying to drag him into the division he has created. He advised the youth organiser to "grow up” and stop peddling lies about him since it would not augur well for the party. On the allegation of printing an album without authorisation, he denied it stating he followed due process. He, therefore, advised Mr. Obiri Yeboah to use the appropriate party mechanisms to address the concerns he raised and stop accusing him falsely. He assured delegates that no one will have his or her name deleted. He said the constituency will organise an exhibition exercise to ensure every delegate required to vote is captured. He further dispelled the assertion that he was not in good terms with the MP, Adwoa Safo. The relationship between them he stated was the best but bemoaned the habit of Adwoa Safo’s followers in creating division in the constituency. He said party executives should not be seen endorsing candidates but remain neutral. ”There is no evidence of me endorsing Mike Oquaye Junior. I have not endorsed him on any platform. The fact that I have a good relationship with him does not mean I have endorsed him,” he added. Source:



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