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"I Have No Property Not Even Half Plot After 20 Years Of Acting" – Veteran Kumawood Actress (VIDEO)

Ailing veteran actress Mavis Yeboah, popularly known as Gyanwaa, who graced our screens from the Akan drama days, has disclosed that she has no property not even a half plot after 20 years of solid acting.

According to her, though she was actively involved in the profession for over 20 years, she was not well-paid.

“I have been working as an actress for over 20 years, I was part of the Adassa group during the Akan drama days…It has not been financially profitable…The pay during the Akan drama time was very bad. I used to get GHC50,000 old currency – GHC5 (new currency).

“I have to be honest, I have not acquired any properties from this profession that I can show off. I don’t have any plot of land nor house. But on the other side, you get to enjoy some freebies because of your popularity. Sometimes I don’t pay when I go to the hospital.’

Though the profession didn’t pay well, through her side hustle, which is beadwork, she was able to raise money to buy a plot of land and erect a 4-bedroom house to the lentil level.

Unfortunately, she had to sell the house and land at a cheap price when her only son was dying from cancer.

“From my side hustle aside the acting profession, I was able to buy land and raise a 4-bedroom structure to the lentil level at Ablekuma Joma. However, I had to sell to raise money for my son who suffered from cancer, even with all that, I still lost my son. Right now, I am back to square zero in life. The person bought the land and structure for GHC12,000. I accepted it because my son was dying,” she said.

Watch the interview below for more:




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