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"I Have Forgiven Lil Win But Will Never Work With Him Again" - Zack GH

Former Manager of Ghanaian Actor, Lil Win, Abdul Razak Amisah known in showbiz as Zack GH has revealed that although he has forgiven his former Artiste, he will never work with him again.

According to him, it is better to save a good reputation than have it rubbed in the mad.

Speaking on an Accra-based television station, he said "Lil Win got a contract and I tried call let him know about it but he failed to answer my calls. The man said he wanted to see my signee on video call before he gives us the deal because he has been duped by lots of Managers in the country"

He added that after numerous attempts to reach Lili Win proved futile, the man (Contract Owner)  told him, his signee was on a live television show.

Feeling disrespect and disappointed, Manager Zack GH hinted that he pleaded with the contractor but the deal was scrubbed.

"I later went to Lil Win's House to question him on why he didn't tell me about his movements making us lose a deal but Lil Win to me, if he quits working with me today, I, Zack GH will be poor and struggle to survive. I asked him, did he say that, he said yes"

The Former Manager added that mother of Lil Win pleaded on his son's behalf of which he ignored.

"I told my friend that I will never set foot into his house again and this is what led to us parting ways"

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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