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"I Don’t Regret Scamming, Don’t Stop If You’re Into It" - Wisa Greid

Ghanaian singer, Wisa Greid has openly revealed that he has been involved in online fraud before.

According to the now married singer, when he was in senior high school he partook in what was then known as “browsing”

In a recent interview with Sammy Kay, when asked if he’s ever been involved with ‘fraud’ before, Wisa responded in the affirmative saying. “I used to, let me say when we were in Senior High School, every day we dey internet top … browsing. We use to buy things online and those things but we don’t do anything juju like the way they say the sakawa people do, I’ve never tried it before,” he told Sammy Kay.

When asked if he’s regretted getting involved in something like that, Wisa vehemently responded saying; “I don’t regret, it’s part of the hustle. Anyhow you go manage get your money chale you for make wild get your money. If you get caught that’s when everybody will know you are doing something bad. Those people if you give them money they will take it. So I won’t say anybody who is involved to stop. Because it is their hustle"

Credit: Ameyaw Debrah



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