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"I dislike dating younger women – Kweku Darlington

Kumasi-based songwriter and musician, Emmanuel Kweku Owusu Darlington, has revealed the reason why he does not like dating younger women.

For the musician, also known as Kweku Darlington, some younger women are less knowledgeable about some happenings in life.

Speaking on Prime Morning, on Tuesday, the musician explained that his dislike for dating younger women stems from his line of work.

According to him, dating younger women as a musician is stressful, as most of them are jealous and may not be comfortable seeing other women around him.

“Taking someone that I’m older than is a bit stressful because these people, I won’t say all, but some of them don’t know a lot of things about life that you need to be schooling them all the time and they won’t understand the kind of job that you do,”

“You need to go out there, entertain people. There’ll be a lot of women around you trying to have fun with you, but then when they see these things…” he explained to KMJ.

The “Sika Aba Fie” hitmaker believes that on the contrary, older women are more experienced in life and understanding, hence the reason he prefers to date them.

Considering the kind of work he does, Kweku Darlington stated that, “these older people understand the job; they know what’s up, because they’ve been there before and they know how it is"

”But as to whether that is the best decision, the musician said it is in his interest, adding that “everyone has their own choices.”



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