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"I am considering a second sing-a-thon attempt" - Afua Asantewaa hints

Ghanaian broadcast journalist, Afua Asantewaa O Aduonum has announced her determination to break the Guinness World Record for the longest individual singing marathon, following a disqualification in her previous attempt.

Madam Aduonum first attempted to surpass Indian singer Sunil Waghmare’s record of 105 hours of continuous singing, set in 2012, in December 2023.

Despite falling short, she remains undeterred and is preparing for a second attempt.

The mother of three revealed that her initial attempt was hampered by a lack of preparation time, having only two weeks to organize the challenge.

This time, with more time to prepare, Aduonum is confident that she can achieve her goal and bring pride to Ghana.

In a video message shared with Graphic Showbiz, Aduonum likened her pursuit to the persistence of Ghanaian sports teams and political candidates.

“I've been thinking about it a lot, and I believe that the record attempt I embarked on is similar to the Black Stars participating in a World Cup, or the Black Queens participating in an African Cup competition, or a presidential candidate running for office. I've never seen the Black Stars quit football because they didn’t qualify for the World Cup—they still play all the time,” she said.

She continued, “I have seen presidential candidates who have not won the presidential seat but still keep trying. So if I attempted the world record and it was not successful, it doesn’t mean I need to give up. We are still considering it. Moving forward, I believe we have learned a lot. We had only two weeks to prepare for our attempt in December 2023, so with the months ahead, we can properly prepare, hit the mark, and make Ghana proud. If I succeed next year, I will put Ghana on the map.”

Aduonum's unwavering spirit and determination reflect her dedication to not only achieving personal success but also representing her country on a global stage. With ample preparation time, she is optimistic about her chances of breaking the record and setting a new benchmark in the world of singing marathons.

Story by: Thinnknewsroom



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