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“I am aware of attacks, sabotage that may come my way" - Cheddar

The Visionary behind the New Force Movement, Nana Kwame Bediako, famously known as Cheddar has resolutely affirmed his commitment to advancing his political agenda, undeterred by potential hurdles and personal attacks.

Speaking on an Accra-based television station, Cheddar conveyed his steadfast determination to transform the nation.

Despite acknowledging the likelihood of sabotage and personal attacks, he remained unwavering in his pursuit of the presidency, driven by a profound desire to uplift the youth and foster national development.

“I want the young people of today to see that they should have the courage I possess to stand up and declare their intentions,” Cheddar passionately stated.

“I am aware of the attacks and sabotage that may come my way, but my commitment to the youth and the betterment of our country is unwavering. I believe I have the vision and capability to make this country a better place and to develop our people in a meaningful way.”

Cheddar’s candidacy has sparked considerable attention, partly due to his innovative campaign strategies, including widespread billboards that have become a talking point across the nation.

However, he chose to remain tight-lipped about the financial details of his campaign.

When pressed about the investment in his extensive advertising, he responded with conviction, “I don’t need to disclose how much I’ve invested in my campaign. Ghanaians don’t go around revealing the funds behind their endeavors.”

Cheddar’s approach reflects a broader philosophy of focusing on substantive change rather than the distractions of financial speculation.

His message wasclear: the future of Ghana lies in bold, courageous leadership that prioritizes the needs and potential of its youth.

As the race for the presidency heats up, Cheddar’s unyielding spirit and visionary rhetoric are poised to galvanize a new generation of voters, eager for transformative leadership and a brighter future for Ghana.

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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