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HSAS 2024: Experts address challenges, solutions for integrating public and private healthcare systems in Ghana

At a Health Sector Annual Summit 2024 held in Accra, some Health Experts have shared challenges and solutions for integrating public and private healthcare systems in Ghana.

During a leadership and governance for quality healthcare delivery session, the experts underscored the importance of quality care and effective governance in navigating the complexities of the healthcare landscape.

The Experts highlighted the ongoing disparities in healthcare access across the country, with many individuals resorting to private facilities due to limited options in certain regions.

This disparity emphasizes the urgent need for collaborative efforts to address gaps in healthcare infrastructure and service provision.

One key aspect of the discussion centered on the role of private healthcare entities.

The Experts noted that private practices often serve as vital outlets for individuals seeking safe and reliable care.

Despite being subject to stringent regulations, these practices are recognized for their ability to deliver personalized and high-quality services to patients.

Addressing the issue of governance in a mixed public-private healthcare model, experts emphasized the importance of research-informed innovation.

Recommendations included commissioning collaborative projects to co-create strategies for improving quality of care.

By leveraging data-driven insights, stakeholders can develop effective governance frameworks that accommodate the diverse needs of multiple players within the healthcare ecosystem.

This initiative, spearheaded by a team of mental health scientists, focuses on enhancing the quality of care in urban areas.

Findings from the project shed light on the prevalence of individuals accessing public sector services as a form of private care outlet, highlighting the need for greater alignment between public and private healthcare providers.

Furthermore, experts emphasized the importance of capturing and integrating community-based healthcare providers into the broader healthcare network.

Community vantage farmers and other grassroots organizations play a significant role in addressing healthcare needs at the local level.

By incorporating these stakeholders into governance structures, policymakers can ensure a more holistic and inclusive approach to healthcare delivery.

As discussions continue, stakeholders are called upon to prioritize collaboration and innovation in addressing the challenges of integrating public and private healthcare systems.

By working together towards a shared mission of improving healthcare access and quality, the healthcare community can strive towards a more equitable and responsive healthcare system for all.

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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