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HOTCASS: Teachers embark on sit-down strike over poor infrastructure (PICS)

Information reaching indicates that some teachers at the Holy Trinity Cathedral Senior High School (HOTCASS) in Accra have embarked on a sit-down strike over poor infrastructure.

According to the teachers, the poor nature of the school and lack of infrastructure has made teaching and learning not effective.

It is emerging that eight classrooms in the school have no ceilings.

Further information reveals that there are cracks on the school building which leaves rain water to sit in the classrooms anytime there is a downpour.

Due to the devastating issue, the teachers say they fear the building might collapse one day.

Teaching and learning has however, come to a halt at the school.

The news team also noted that there are broken windows, dilapidated desks among others.

Headmaster of HOTCASS, Essien Hubert Godfrey Kwabena said "Those classrooms that are affected are not used especially when it rains.

Responding to the sit-down strike by some teachers, he said "For strikes, I am not aware of it"

The Headmaster stressed that teachers report to their various classrooms despite the scary situation at hand.

"Every teacher goes to class despite the situation but when it rains or is about to rain and is cloudy there, they move down so we do not have to go to that place when it raining"

He noted that the problem becomes more serious when it is windy saying the roof tries to come down.

He hinted that the school has written officially to the Ghana Education Service (GES) as part of its complains.

"We hope that by the end of the semester, we will get some good news"

"I am also hereby calling on philanthropists to come to our aid and help the school.

HOTCASS was founded in 1940 and is one of the oldest senior high schools in Ghana which has churned out great personalities.

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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