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"Hospital bills for persons who suffered military brutalities debt on me" – Ashaiman MP

The Member of Parliament for Ashaiman, Mr. Ernest Norgbe has said the payment of hospital bills for residents who suffered military brutalities at Ashaiman has now become a debt on him.

Soldiers believed to have come from Michel and Burma Camp stormed Taifa on March 7, 2023 where the soldier was killed and started brutalizing residents.

184 residents were later arrested and conveyed to Burma camp where they were further brutalized.

These residents were released after the real suspects who were hiding in Ashaiman were arrested by an intelligence led investigative operation by the police service.

However, the Circuit Court in Ashaiman has remanded all the six accused persons who have been arrested in connection with the killing of a 21-year-old soldier, Imoro Sherif at Ashaiman on 4th March 2023.

Speaking on Starr Today with Emmanuel Agyabeng, the MP stated he has been paying hospital bills, buying drugs, involving the services of psychologists among others for the victims of the military brutalities.

"It has become a debt on me as the MP. I had a call from one at the hospital where I have to send money to be able to buy medicines. Some of them are still undergoing some kind of trauma, so I’m trying to organize a psychologist which I have spoken to, to talk to them. We are collating data to see whether we can arrange for some sort of compensation for all of them,” Mr. Norgbe stated.

He further called on the government to work to prevent such military invasions which are causing pain and havoc on humanity.

“My intention is to make sure that we stop this kind of invasion, a dangerous crime on humanity. Especially when the military will invade a community, brutalize people etc. I am of the view that it should be a thing of the past,” the lawmaker stated.




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