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"Homosexuality Is A Biological Deformity; We Have To Stick To Nature" – Cleric

A Bishop with the Church of Christ, John Kwamena Essel, has said homosexuality is a biological disorder which contradicts nature.

He explains “having the features of a male and feeling like a female and vice versa is never normal or natural and must be corrected. That’s why people born with abnormal features are cured. When Siamese twins are born, we don’t regard it as normal and allow them to grow like that. But they are cured. So if you are born like that, you need to be cured rather than saying we should accept your abnormality as normal.” In an exclusive with Friday, October 15, 2021, he noted even though some people become homosexuals by nurture, with poverty being the main architect, there are others who are born with more genes of the opposite sex, which is a disorder they must accept and be cured.

John Kwamena Essel is a Bishop of the Church of ChristThe biggest problem about the LGBTQ+ community he opined is the fact that, “these people do not even see themselves as having a problem in the first place. They think their abnormality is normal and that we should accept them but that is not nature. So as a person, I’m against it, it is against nature and I think we have to stick to nature.”

The Promotion of Proper Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values Bill , tagged Anti-LGBTQ+ is a private member bill sponsored by some MPs with Ningo Prampram MP, Sam Nartey George leading it. It proposes that anyone who identifies as gay or transgender face imprisonment for up to five years and anyone who promotes or supports non-straight sexual identities be locked up for up to 10 years.

Parliament’s Committee on Constituional, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs, which is handling the bill allowed for memos from the public.

After two groups comprising influencial academics, lawyers, Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) leaders presented two separate memos kicking against the bill, a lot of debate has been generated as many believe their stance flaunts against Ghanaian culture and values which the bill seeks to protect.

Even though described as draconian by the international media, Mr. Essel believes “the bill is preventing something eminent from happening but not as bad as people have described it.”

He added that the debate generated over the issue means there hasn’t been enough dialogue on it over the years, meaning there is something obvious that needs to be done. He furthered that, in as much as those who find themselves in such situations are part of society, “we must not condemn them but how do we reason with people who have that natural call to accept the fact that, these are part of the many abnormalities that happens in human life.”

“Science and medicine has proven that some human beings are born with certain deformities and this same science prescribes ways of solving them so those born with such abnornality should not regard it as normal,” he disclosed.

Mr. Essel therefore advised that people stop preaching antagonism to homosexuals but rather abhor their act, and help them to accept their abnormality and work towards reforming them to normalcy.




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