"Have Mercy, Deliver Me From Myself” - Daughter Of Kennedy Agyapong Cries For Forgiveness

Daughter of Member of Parliament for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong, Anell Agyapong has sent a short but touching message on her Facebook account to her father asking for forgiveness for her waywardness on Father’s Day.

According to Anell, her wayward lifestyle has turned her father into a public ridicule thereby tarnishing his image.

In a Facebook post sighted by ThinkNewsOnline, Anell said “Dear Daddy, My waywardness has become the cause of your ridicule, which can tarnish your integrity and image and I implore your forgiveness. I’ve made better choices now and will continue to”

The young lady added that should her father one day still find her worthy as a daughter, he could kindly have mercy and deliver her from herself.

It emerged that Mr. Agyapong cried about his beloved daughter, Anell for being a drug addict hence tarnishing his reputation as a Member of Parliament and vowed to disown her if she did not put up a good behavior.

The young Actress later took to Facebook to again thank friends and followers so much for their resounding support adding that she was truly humbled.

She said "I love BOTH my parents dearly, and anything they do is in my best interest. Judge not what you do not understand. Once again, Thank you and God Bless you all"

Story by: Mandy Adwoa Woods