"GWCL Will Not Accept Any False Accusations From GNFS To Cover Its Own Shortcomings" - Ing Johnson

The Regional Chief Manager of the Accra East Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL), Ing Emmanuel Johnson has hinted that his outfit will not accept any false accusations from the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS)in an attempt to cover its shortcomings.

According to him, the Accra East Region of GWCL is manned by competent staff who work day and night to provide water to citizens within its catchment area.

Responding to allegations leveled against GWCL by the GNFS, he said "Ghana Water Company Limited has 11 functioning fire hydrants at vantage locations including the premises of the GNFS within the Central Business District"

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He added that the GWCL has a total of 70 fire hydrants in the whole of Accra Central District alone.

He also hinted that there are no non-functioning fire-hydrant within the Central Business District adding that the GWCL does not see the need for GNFS to request for hydrants to be reopened.

Ing. Johnson tagged the statement from the GNFS as untrue.

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"We do not have any records of GNFS ever engaging GWCL to rectify any challenges in the Central Business District in respect of Fire Hydrants. GWCL has no knowledge of any backup arrangements with private water providers or GWCL Water contractors for the GNFS"

Ing. Emmanuel Johnson further mentioned that the GWCL was surprised to see Fire Tenders of the GNFS trooping into the Accra East Regional Office to fetch water to combat the fire while there was water flowing within the whole Central Business District.

He explained that the Fire Hydrants were all in good working conditions.

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"On Monday, July 5, FS723 made 3 trips, FS519 made 3 trips, FS536 also made 2 trips while FS729 also made a trip while July 6 saw FS729 making 2 trips, FS727 making 1 trip likewise FS519 also making 1 trip"

The Regional Chief Manager, Accra East further said "The GWCL has had several engagements with the GNFS and we have always cautioned them to refrain from fetching water from GWCL fire hydrants and selling to members of the general public"

The Management of GWCL also accused some officials of the GNFS of selling water to the public adding that it has complained to their offices but it has yielded no results.

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The Management of the GWCL told Journalists that its outfit has discharged its duty by providing adequate hydrants in the Central Business District and all areas within the metropolis, ensuring that the hydrants are in good condition readily available for use by the GNFS.

"Upon similar allegations against the GWCL in 2018, the GWCL requested for an audit of all the fire hydrants in the country, so together with the Ministry of Interior, we could have the faulty ones, claimed by the GNFS, repaired. The GWCL is still waiting for that response from the GNFS"

THE Management of the Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) says it cannot be blamed in any way for the inability of the GNFS to douse the fire on Monday to the expectations of the general public.

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It charged the GNFS to adhere to their standard operating procedures and stop blaming others for their shortcomings.

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Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith