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"Gov't has invested 500 Million Cedis into development of six new regions" - Vincent Ekow Assafuah

Deputy Minister for Local Government and Rural Development, Vincent Ekow Assafuah has firmly dismissed allegations that the Akufo-Addo government has abandoned the six newly created regions in Ghana.

According to him, these regions have reportedly received substantial investments and development efforts.

Mr. Assafuah's rebuttal comes in response to accusations that the newly established regions have not been adequately resourced.

He emphasized that the Ministry of Finance had allocated 120 million cedis as seed capital for the immediate short-term development of these regions in January 2024.

This allocation follows a commitment made by the Minister for Regional Reorganization and Development, Dan Botwe, in 2018.

Speaking on an Accra-based television station, Deputy Minister for Local Government and Rural Development, Vincent Ekow Assafuah stated that the government has invested over 500 million cedis in the newly created regions since 2019.

"Since 2019 till now, the central government has spent about 500 million Ghana cedis in the new regions," Mr. Assafuah said.

"That is geared towards bringing development or if you like sharing equitably the resources of Ghana to every nook and cranny."

Mr. Assafuah highlighted several key projects completed in these regions, including the construction of regional coordinating councils and ultra-modern buildings, which he described as superior to existing ministerial headquarters.

Additionally, the government has completed three bungalows for each of the directors at the regional coordinating councils.

He further elaborated on the development of various departmental offices within these councils.

"In all these regional coordinating councils, there are departments like the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Ghana Health Service, the Department of Feeder Roads, and the Department of Ghana Education Service. Administration blocks have been built for them," Vincent Assafuah detailed.

Mr. Assafuah presented a comprehensive 200-page booklet documenting the government's achievements in these regions.

"In my hands, it's all these projects that we've done. This is a full booklet, about 200-page booklet showing the things that we've done in the various regions," he stated.

Citing specific examples, Mr. Assafuah pointed out the new regional coordinating council in the Ahafo region as evidence of the government's commitment to development.

"You cannot tell me that it has not been done. You cannot tell me that you don't find these things in the region," he asserted.

The government's detailed documentation of the development projects aims to counter claims of neglect and underscore its commitment to equitable development across all regions of Ghana.

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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