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"Gov't Fixing Ghana But It Needs Time Due To Covid-19 Devastation Of Economy" - Agyeman Manu

The Minister for Health, Kwaku Agyeman Manu has admitted that, the country needs fixing but the government needs more time to fixing the country since COVID-19 has gravely broken down the country.

According to the Minister, it is evidently clear that COVID-19 has devastated most of the countries across the globe and some are still struggling to pick up but says Ghana is no exception but government is working hard.

The Minister was speaking at the Information Ministry's press conference as he addressed wide range of issues regarding the ministry.

Responding to the FixTheCountry movement's demands, Mr Agyeman Manu stressed that, the government has done well in surviving the economy as he says the COVID-19 broke down major parts and production of the country as many lost their jobs.

He noted that, the government needs time to fixing the country as being claimed but was quick to add that, the government through the President have done enough.

Mr Agyeman Manu admonished all the sundry to take advantage and get themselves vaccinated to prevent the County from going back to its darker days under COVID-19 since it is also a way of fixing the nation.

Responding to abandoned projects, the Minister replied critics accusing government for not constructing and completing any Health project in the government's 6 years in office.

He stressed that government has never abandoned any projects they inherited from the past NDC administration as he says, the have completed most of the projects and some are also at the final stages of completion.

Mr Agyeman Manu told the gathering that the government has also undertaken major projects in the health sector and rehabilitated existing ones as well which is currently serving the various communities located.

He therefore called bluff of those lambasting him and the government as he says the government has performed well in terms of infrastructure in the health sector.

The Minister also added that, the government has paid about Ghc 1.04 billion in arrears owe to National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) service providers as he says the only debt owed them is now left with 3 months to be completed and they will surely pay the rest as well.

On his part, the Project Manager for Hospital Infrastructure for Agenda 111, Kwabena Nyarko revealed that, contractors have begun work on 10 out of the Agenda 111 Hospital projects so far.

He explained that , there are some issues with some of the lands that were secured for the construction to be undertaken but says ten (10) of the sites currently have work ongoing.

Mr Kwabena Nyarko stated that, 92 sites were identified with 41 of the sites having challenges and 51 being fine for work as he added that, 63 sites have been cleared and are ready for work to begin.

He added that, the government is paying some 138 contractors 10% of the contract money to begin the work as he say they hope by end of March, 2022, 67 project will have begun.

Below are some pictures:

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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