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GMet cautions public against change of weather

The Ghana Meteorological Agency{GMet) has cautioned the general public against the recent change of weather conditions as a result of the harmattan.

This came to light through a press release issued by the Agency today. 

GMet have however advised  the public to keep hydrated and follow fire safety precautions. 

Again, the public should ensure that they cover their foods/water to prevent dust from settling on them. 

Furthermore, wash fruits thoroughly before taking thethem

”People allergic to dust are to wear nose masks to reduce the effect on them”. 

Below is the full statement: 



On 24th November, 2022, the Ghana Meteorological Agency issued the firstHarmattan Season Advisory for Ghana.

The advisory, among other things, forecasted dry weather conditions, cloudless skies, hot days and the dominance of minute dustparticles suspension in the atmosphere.

Visibility values were also forecasted to be between 1km and approximately 5km due to the advection of particles from the dust Region.

Per this advisory issued on 24th November, 2022 and consequent update issued on 27th January, 2023, mostparts of the country are still experiencing the harmattan.

Typically, the harmattan season persists until late February or early March in most parts of the country, with variations in the intensity of the dry and dusty conditionswithin the season.

However, on Monday, February 13, 2023, the Agency observed high-pressure systems around the northern regions of Africa, which were projected to stir up dustover the dust source region.

Consequently, on Wednesday, February 15, 2023, meteorological satellites detecteddust lifted around Chad, Sudan, and Niger.

This dust was transported into thecountry by strong winds at lower levels of theatmosphere. 

As a result, an intensification of dry and dusty weather conditions was expected tobe experienced in Ghana during the week as issued in the GMet weekly and dailyforecasts.

Furtherance to the above, this has resulted in dryness and decreased visibility, whichmay take some time to clear completely.

Relative humidity, over the period, has ranged between 15% and 50% with visibility range of 200 meters to 5,000 meters.

These conditions are expected to persist at varying intensities over the next few days.

However, it is expected that there will be a relaxation in the intensity duringthe week and consequently.

Due to these weather conditions, it is advised that the general public take thefollowing precautions;

❖ Keep hydrated.

❖ Follow fire safety precautions.

❖ Cover foods/water to prevent dust from settling on them.

❖ Wash fruits thoroughly before taking them.

❖ People allergic to dust are to wear nose masks to reduce the effect on them



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