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Ghanaians Fired Up For #FixTheCountry Demo (Pics+Video)

Over a thousand Ghanaian youths are expected to hit the roads tomorrow August, 4 to partake in the much talked about and awaited #FixTheCountry demonstration in Accra.

The mega demonstration is expected to see over a thousand youths registering their displeasure in what they call abysmal Akufo-Addo governance among other issues.

In series of tweets sighted by, ishaq_chase @GoodmanIsshak tweeted "This is what we call Beauty with Brains#4THAugustDemo"

Shinigami @Mr_Ceyram also tweeted "We dey take am to the streets on 4th August. Fix our country. #4THAugustDemo"

Dickson Lord @DicksonLord2 tweeted "What is there TO FIX?? FIX the constitution FIX the education FIX the economy FIX the unemployment FIX the Health Services FIX the roads FIX the corruption FIX the water FIX the electricity FIX the accommodation FIX the sanitation.... #FixTheCountry#4thAugustDemo"

SEA @SandraEsinam1 tweeted "Building the momentum for tomorrow's demo #4THAugustDemo"

Fighters @EFLFighters tweeted "Observe COVID safety protocols because we need you in the new Ghana! Tomorrow at Obra Spot! #4thAugustDemo #FixTheCountry"

Eddieboy @EdmondArhin4 also tweeted "Avram’s letter to the finance minister #4THAugustDemo"

#FreeDNA4Vote @Vandee05 added "They try to suppress you cos you are making the government unpopular. Don't suffer at home while they enjoy with their side chicks and family. Don't sit unconcerned when you are thinking of how to pay your rent gt food, tomorrow is the day #4THAugustDemo #FixTheCountry"

Below are embed tweets:

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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