Ghanaians Blast 8-Year-Old Nakeeyat’s Mother For Bleaching The Young Girl (Pics/Screenshots)

Ghanaians in general are very outspoken people, therefore, they’ll always express their concerns about things no matter how much they love you.

TV3 Talented Kidz’ Nakeeyat is loved by many because of her poetic skills.

Anytime she posts photos on social media, you’ll see many people encouraging and saying nice things about her.


But recent photos of the 8-year-old girl has sparked concerns on social media.

According to what we realized, social media users are blasting Nakeeyat’s mother for allowing the girl to use bleaching creams.

Evidently, recent photos of the girl shows that her skin has brightened a little that it used to be.


More so, one can see dark knuckled on her legs — which is usually a feature of those who use bleaching creams.

Ghanaians are hence calling on the girl’s parents especially the mother to do something about the situation immediately.

Check the photos below and judge for yourself!