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Ghanaian Killed In South Africa: Family demands genuine autopsy report

The family of Newton Kwaku Boateng, a 48-year-old Ghanaian businessman based in South Africa (SA), has requested that the South African Police Service (SAPS) to provide the family with genuine autopsy on the remains of the deceased.

Newton Kwaku Boateng according to the family was killed in his home in the Gauteng Province of South Africa on Thursday, March 2, 2023, after battling unidentified attackers for his life.

The fact that the suspect and his collaborators haven't been apprehended over a month after the crime worries the family.

The family pleaded with SAPS to carry out its duties expertly, particularly when it comes to protecting of foreign citizens.

They alleged that the some security personnel handling the case were conspiring, scheming, and collaborating with the ailing deceased close associates, to change the findings of the actual autopsy performed by the government pathologist.

The family therefore warned those in charge of the autopsy to better be diligent in doing their job in order to avoid any future predicament.

"As a family, we are all begging for the administration of justice. We want justice because this man has a family and is caring for his children after such a tragic tragedy, the family added.

Though the autopsy according to the family was done in Germiston SAPS (South African Police Service) Mortuary, they are yet to receive the report from the police.

They alleged foul play, a cover-up in coordination with some security personal, and threats against the people chosen to supervise the autopsy.

The late Newton Kwaku Boateng's family believes he was murdered, and that those behind the murder are seriously working behind closed doors to prevent the family from gathering information, particularly the autopsy report, which indicates the cause of death.



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