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Ghanaian Dancers, Afronitaa and Abigail Dromo reach Britain's Got Talent finals

In a spectacular display of talent and dedication, Ghanaian dancers Afronitaa and Abigail Dromo have secured a place in the finals of Britain’s Got Talent (BGT).

Their remarkable performance during the semi-finals on Thursday night captivated both the audience and judges, propelling them to the final stage of the prestigious competition.

The grand finale is set to take place on Sunday, June 2, 2024.

This milestone is not just a personal victory for Afronitaa and Abigail, but a historic achievement for Ghana on the global stage.

The duo’s success has sparked a wave of pride and joy among Ghanaians, who have taken to social media to shower them with congratulatory messages and support.

The anticipation and excitement for the final performance are palpable, with many rooting for the talented pair to bring home the top prize.

Afronitaa and Abigail’s journey on Britain’s Got Talent has been nothing short of inspiring.

Their dynamic routines and vibrant energy have won the hearts of many, showcasing the rich cultural heritage and artistic excellence of Ghana.

As they prepare for the finals, the nation stands united in support, hopeful for a triumphant conclusion to their BGT adventure.

Their accomplishment serves as a testament to the power of perseverance and the universal appeal of dance, reminding the world of the boundless potential that lies within every corner of the globe.

As the finals approach, all eyes will be on Afronitaa and Abigail, who have already etched their names in history with their groundbreaking performances.

Story by: Sarah-Joyce Komenan



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