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"Ghana Will Transition On Its Own Terms And Not Succumb To Int'l Pressures"- Deputy Energy Minister

The Deputy Energy Minister, William Owuraku-Aidoo has confirmed that Ghana will transition at its own terms and time and not succumb to pressures from the International Community.

The Deputy Minister made these known while having a stakeholder engagement with some OMCs on the National Energy Transition Plan.

Speaking at the event, the Deputy Minister said "It is not like a time set for us to finish. We are going to transition on our own terms and it is not going to be the terms of most people in the world because our economic circumstances is a little different from the rest.

He also mentioned that Ghana will be exploring its hydrocarbons.

Mr. Owuraku-Aidoo, however, debunked claims that hydrocarbons are going to be abandoned.

He said "At COP 26 as tye President made it quiet clear that Ghana is going to explore its hydrocarbons. We are not going to abandon our hydrocarbons. We need gas and oil to help us transition and the private sector as always will come up with their own funding to help us all transition.

"Capacity will also ensue, that is an ongoing thing that the private and public sector are embarking on continually"

The Deputy Energy Minister assured the OMCs that no assets will be abandoned.

"They have used theirs to get to where they are so it is only fair that they also allow us"

"Our carbon footprint is very tinny and notwithstanding and we are still taking steps to mitigate the little that we emit"

"The mass transition, moving away from internal combustible engine to electric is another way"

"We are introducing millions of cook stove that are very efficient to mitigate the amount of biomass that is taken out of the forest for cooking purposes"

On his part, the Deputy Director Power (Nuclear), Dr. Robert Sogbadji called on all stakeholders to rally their support to the National Energy Transition Plan.

He was confident that the views collated will help produce a meaningful National Energy Transition Plan.

The Stakeholders pledged their unflinching commitment to the National Energy Transition Plan.

Below are some pictures:

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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