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“Ghana's Participation On UN Security Council Is A Blessing To Africa” - Shirley Ayorkor Botchwey

The Minister for Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, Shirley Ayorkor Botchwey has hinted that Ghana's election onto the United Nations Security Council is a blessing to the entire African Continent.

According to her, the election of Ghana onto the council is apt since there are major challenges the continent is facing.

She further explained that it will give the world opportunity to address those issues to the core.

Ghana on the 11th of June got elected onto the United Nations Security Council after garnering 185 votes out of the total 190 votes cast.

This will be the fourth time the country has held a seat on the UN Security Council after we faced competition from Gabon and the Democratic Republic of Congo but emerged as victors.

Speaking at the Information Minister's meet the press series, Madam Ayorkor Botchwey said “The African Continent has a wide range of challenges which includes security crisis, food security, climate changes, etc and Ghana's election on the council will help address the majority of these challenges”

The former MP for Anyaa Sowutuom, Madam Ayorkor Botchwey added that the African continent believed in Ghana thus the vote as she says the country will be the voice of African on Global matter which includes Climate changes and their effect on Africa as a whole.

Speaking on the ECOWAS summit, she said “It is expected that all Heads of State and Government of ECOWAS with exception of Mali will participate in the summit. Also, the President of the commission, the Vice President, or Commission and Support Staff of the Commission will be part of the meeting. They are already in Accra, ahead of these meetings”

She revealed the Former President of Nigeria, His Excellency Goodluck Jonathan will be the special guest for the upcoming summit.

The Former President of Nigeria will be expected to present a report on Mali following an assignment he was tasked with.

Speaking on the covid vaccines, “When we were at the European Union at Brussels not long ago, they gave us an indication that they looking at some countries that will be supported to manufacture vaccines and a case was made that Ghana should be one of those countries and it's been looked at. Ghana is being looked at as one of the countries for the manufacturing of vaccines because already, the President has a team in place and they are looking at not just the manufacturing but also, coming up with our own vaccines”

Madam Shirley also noted that with a population of over 1.2 billion people, Africa does not have a facility for manufacturing the covid-19 vaccines.

Speaking on Ghana’s current condition on its relationship with Russia, she said “Excellent! W have no problems whatsoever with Russia. Now when it comes to engagements concerning procurements or whatever, the first step is for the Foreign Ministry to engage the Embassy here because Russia is represented here by an Ambassador. I had discussions with the Russian Ambassador on Ghana’s desire to purchase vaccines from Russia”

She noted that she also extended to dialogue to India and China on the issue of vaccines.

“It is difficult even if you have money to procure vaccines from the source. It is almost impossible because just as Ghana is looking for vaccines to buy, all other nations are looking for vaccines to buy”

She told Journalists that her outfit made contacts adding that they still continue to pursue in the quest to secure the vaccines.

“Yes, from the beginning, we were involved but I can assure you that it is difficult to procure vaccines directly from manufacturers. His Excellency the President made calls at his level and I also made calls at my level. Apart from speaking to the High Commissioner, I made calls at my level. It was just impossible to get these vaccines” she noted.

Below is a video:

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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