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Ghana’s beach volleyball teams bow out of 2023 African Games

Ghana’s beach volleyball teams faced disappointment as they were eliminated from the ongoing African Games tournament.

Despite progressing from their groups to the quarterfinals, both the men’s and women’s teams were unable to secure victories to advance further.

The men’s team showed promise by winning all four matches in the competition, including victories against Togo (2-1), Senegal (2-0), and Benin (2-0), before facing Algeria in the round of 12. However, their journey came to an end with a 2-0 defeat to Morocco in the quarterfinals, despite the presence of experienced player Seidu in the team.

Seidu, reflecting on the team’s performance, commended their efforts but called for governmental support to enhance their game.

“We are pleading to other departments like the ministry to push us. We need that cutting-edge level, playing difficult matches like in Europe to boost our confidence,” he emphasised.

Coach Eden Chapnuor expressed disappointment at not achieving the desired outcome, deeming their quarterfinal exit a failure.

“Me not getting what I want, I think I failed. Me coming out at the quarterfinal stage, I see it as a failure. I just wanted to get a medal,” the coach lamented.

Following the men’s elimination, the focus shifted to the women’s team to maintain Ghana’s presence in the competition. However, they faced a formidable Mozambique side and suffered a straight-set defeat, unable to handle the pressure exerted by their opponents.

The absence of Rashaka Katadat, who partnered with Juliana Otchere Aryee to qualify Ghana for the Commonwealth Games, was felt by the team.

Aryee acknowledged the disruption but remained determined to perform well with whoever she was paired with.

“Since we are humans, it really affected me, but I had to psych myself up and play better with whoever they paired me with,” she remarked.

With their African Games journey over, both teams will focus on the intercontinental Paris 2024 Olympics qualifiers later this year, aiming to secure a spot in the prestigious event.

Credit: 3news



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