Ghana, A Humanitarian Country Yet....

In recent years, Ghana has attained rising human development and rapid economic growth.

It has been named one of the fastest growing economies in entire Africa and ranked among the too 10 countries in the world with a rapidly growing economy.

The country is widely endowed with agriculture and natural resources. Cocoa, gold and our productions are some major sources of foreign exchange for the country and Ghana remains one of the best countries to invest in with potential opportunities in horticulture, real estate and our mining industries.

There is also something intriguing about the friendliness and hospitality of the Ghanaian people.

This is one place where it is relatively easy to make and keep friends. Greetings in Ghana are very vital and because of this, you will find it rare for people to pass each other without a polite hello or wave.

#Positive Ghana

Credit: Bervelyn Henrietta Allotey


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