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Ga Mantse Organizes Free Health Screening For Citizens (Pics and Videos)

The Ga Mantse, Dr. Tackie Teiko Tsuru II has organized a free health screening for the people of Ga Mashie as part of his social and corporate responsibility.

According to the Chief of Staff at the Ga Mantse’s Palace, Her Ladyship, Julia Sarkodie Mensah, the ratio for the exercise was to ensure that citizenry know their health status and receive medical advice on how to live long.

In an exclusive interview with, Her Ladyship, Julia Sarkodie Mensah said “The rationale behind this exercise is that the King wants to reach out to the people on the ground because some of the people are able to seek medical care at the hospital whiles a section of the people are unable to due to funds.

“The activity is running smoothly and we are very pleased with the level of cooperation, we are having from the medical institutions. We have so many doctors here. We have about 30 doctors, we have about 2 Pharmacists, the doctors are from all sorts of places. Eight (8) Doctors are coming from Korle Bu, we have doctors from SSNIT, Trust, and the Police Hospital. We also have Nurses from the Police Hospital. Because there are so many doctors, the cooperation is good and it's running smoothly”

She also compliments the pharmaceutical companies who partook in the exercise stressing that they were supposed to more than enough drugs for the exercise.

She commended the residents for partaking in the exercise adding that most of them reported early than the exacted time at the venue.

Her Ladyship Sarkodie Mensah described the venue of the place as the only challenge adding that a much bigger and spacious location will be considered to avoid overcrowding.

“We are giving numbers so when we call your number and then you go but when we look around and see a very old lady, we excuse the people and attend to them because we cannot leave our grandmother and mothers here for long. The challenges are very few”

Speaking on the adherence of covid-19 protocols, she said “You can see that everybody is in their nose mask and we have lots and lots of nose mask, so those who don’t have, we give them and those who put it under their chin, someone is going around telling them to pull it up. We have lots of sanitizers, you can see that all the stations have sanitizers”

Touching on the language barrier between some of the health practitioners and the citizenry, Her Ladyship Julia Sarkodie Mensah explained each station has a doctor who is fluent in the Ga language and will serve as a translator to his or fellow health practitioner.

“You will be surprised that a lot of the doctors speak Ga and 90% of the citizenry here speak English but that notwithstanding the nurses and security here are here to support with the language barrier. So far, no one has complained of a language barrier”

She hinted that the exercise is expected to have about two thousand people attended to however, if should the number increase, they are still prepared to provide quality service.

On their part, some medical practitioners and NHIS officials who spoke to commended the Organisers for putting up such programme and called for more of such.

The arrangement of the nurses and our machines is the only challenge but aside from that I feel, everything has been in order and I am expecting to register as many people as possible” David Boyetey, MIS Department at the National Health Insurance Scheme told

A Health Practitioner at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, Grace said “It’s a good initiative, without these exercises, we would not know what the health problems of the people are. The challenges are the arrangements, there are just a few spaces for the people. On the language barrier, it’s a bit difficult. As for me, I hear and can speak a little of Ga unlike my colleague here but in all, it has been good”

Some citizens who partook in the free health screening thanked the Ga Mantse for his kind gesture and appealed to him to make the exercise a quarterly event.

Below are some videos and pictures:

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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