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Finance Minister, Ken Ofori Atta's New Look Raises Questions (Pics)

The act of politicians getting excess weight with big stomachs overnight raises a lot of alarm by Ghanaians.

Some people have alleged that it is because they have been “chopping” our money. Some claim it is the blessing of God upon their lives when they get into power. As to what makes their stomachs grow so big we, TheProgrammeNews have so little knowledge about that. Earlier today, we have chanced on some new look of the Finance Minister of Ghana, Ken Ofori Atta.

In fact, in the picture he has gained so much wait as his stomach has become very big.

As if that is not enough, he looks very dark too.

This has raised a lot of comments as other people claim he is sick.

According to them to gain that weight and become dark overnight raises questions.

Below are some pictures:

Credit: MyInfogh



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