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Fiifi Kwetey Announces General Secretaryship Bid For NDC

Former Deputy Finance Minister, Fiifi Fiavi Kwetey has announced his intentions to contest the position of the General Secretary for the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

The Former Deputy Finance Minister made these known while speaking on Accra-based television station.

He said "My platform is a platform that wants to see restoration of original ideals that you can now have much more patriotism and love for the nation"

"People who fight for what is right and wants the right thing to me done are people who have to be encouraged"

Responding to the strength of his competitors, Fiifi Kwetey said "That's fine. We are a democratic party so we clearly believe that all of us have things to offer so it is upon the party to choose who the best is"

"Those are two wonderful comrades in the party. Elvis has been like a brother to me so clearly, respect and I honour their desire to serve the party at this level but there is always Seniority"

"I feel I am the Senior of the three of them and I have been right there from the word go. Even from 1992, I was Chairman of the NDC at the University of Ghana"

"I have sacrificed but I don't look at it that it is my time of sacrifice. I look at it more about you have shown it throughout this time"

He added that he is confident, the party will entrust the General Secretaryship position into his hands.

The Former Deputy Finance Minister added that he will work with any Chairman the party provides.

Responding to whether NDC will win the 2024 Presidential Election, he said "The ultimate judge verdict is always in the hands of the people. We believe the majority of people of Ghana haven't seen what they have seen. The calamity that the NPP has been, the lies, corruption and lack of love for the country, compared to us who are not perfect but have shown that we are far more committed. The people will just give us the trust again. I believe the people of Ghana will grant us the opportunity"

Mr. Fiifi Kwetey will be contesting Dr. Peter Ottuknor and Elvis Afriyie Ankrah for the position of General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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