FDA: "Viral Documentary About The Production Of Tomato Paste" - James Lartey

Acting Head of Communications and Public Education, James Lartey says the attention of the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has been drawn to a circulation on social media of a documentary about 'THE PRODUCTION OF TOMATO PASTE IN CHINA'.

The video condemns the production of tomato concentrate mixed with other ingredients found on the Ghanaian market.

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In a statement released and signed by Mr. Lartey, it said " The FDA however wishes to inform the general public that, there are two variations of tomato concentrate products: Tomato Paste and Tomato Mix"

It said "The Ghana Standards GS 246:2019, Tomato Paste is tomato concentrate to which salt and other suitable seasoning ingredients may be added whiles, Tomato Mix per the Ghana Standards GS 1203:2018, is tomato concentrate and/or tomato powder (granules) to which water, salt, starch, dietary fibre and other optional ingredients mentioned in Clause 5.1.2 are added"

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Mr. Lartey also hinted that with regard to labeling of these products in Ghana, the FDA has a separate guideline for Labeling of Tomato Mix and Seasoned Tomato Mix-Tomato Seasoning Mix which requires quantitative declaration in percentage of tomato and of all ingredients mentioned above if used in production of the product.

The general public is assured that all products registered by the FDA, including tomato paste and tomato mix are safe.

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Below is a full copy of the press release:

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith