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FDA commences massive sensitization campaign on food safety, tobacco abuse

As the year draws to a close and the festive season approaches, the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has embarked on massive sensitization campaigns, addressing crucial issues of food safety and tobacco abuse as these topics take center stage in the effort to protect public health and ensure the well-being of all citizens.


The FDA, mandated to safeguard public health, has been proactive in its mission to create awareness about the detrimental consequences of tobacco use, particularly among the youth, including students.

Periodically, the FDA conducts comprehensive public education programs in educational institutions to enlighten students about the harmful effects of tobacco.


On Friday; October 27, 2023 the Bono Regional Office of the FDA launched an impactful public education campaign at Barhamiya Islamic Basic School in Penkwase, Sunyani Municipality.

In this significant event, a total of two hundred and twenty (220) pupils from upper primary and Junior High School (JHS) levels actively participated.


During the session, students were provided with valuable insights into the dangers associated with tobacco and tobacco products.

Furthermore, FDA officers imparted essential knowledge on food safety, highlighting measures to prevent food contamination.

Following the informative presentations, pupils were encouraged to ask questions, and FDA officers were readily available to provide comprehensive responses.


At the end of the program, Mr. Omar Fuseini, the Headteacher of Barhamiya Islamic Basic School, expressed his gratitude to the FDA and its officers for the invaluable education.

He stressed the importance of regular visits by the FDA to continue educating both students and staff at the school, underlining the significance of such initiatives in shaping a healthier and safer future for the youth.

Credit: Richard Abrokwah

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