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Fatal Shooting of Military Officer Amidst Land Dispute Unfolds in Kasoa

In a tragic turn of events, a military officer lost his life in Kasoa's Millennium City amid a heated land dispute.

The incident, which transpired on Tuesday, April 30th, also witnessed two other officers narrowly escaping a similar fate.

Reportedly, the deceased, alongside his colleagues, confronted individuals allegedly encroaching upon land purportedly purchased by one of the officers.

Winnebo Ndego, facilitating the land transaction, corroborated the purchase but highlighted ongoing opposition from a group led by an individual identified as Fiifi, alleged to be a land guard.

Despite previous police reports by the officers, the situation remained unresolved.

Upon revisiting the disputed land, tensions soared as disagreements with workers stationed there escalated.

The officers attempted to de-escalate the situation, urging cessation of activities and proposing a police station visit for resolution.

However, the workers resisted, prompting the officers to seek further assistance at the Regional Command.

Allegedly, they were obstructed by Benlord Ababio, also known as Nana Ben, purportedly a sub-chief.

Refusing to yield, the officers pressed on, only to face gunfire allegedly from Nana Ben, resulting in the tragic loss of one officer's life.

The deceased officer's body has been conveyed to the hospital, awaiting police investigation, while the Ghana Armed Forces is yet to comment on the incident.

This unfortunate event underscores the need for swift and effective resolution mechanisms in land disputes to prevent such devastating outcomes.

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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