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"Fame is good but pursue higher education" -Trigmatic encourages Ghanaian artists

Ghanaian rapper, Trigmatic is advising fellow musicians to consider pursuing higher education to help them maintain their success.

He shared this advice during a recent interview with Graphic Showbiz.

Trigmatic explained that education was a crucial component of every artiste’s life since it will them to properly understand how to present their profession. “I believe that if you are a rising star, you should demonstrate an equal desire to develop yourself. Enroll and show interest in courses that can help you have a better understanding of how even your craft can be projected"

“Don't just give up on education because you believe your music career is succeeding at the moment. Our industry is rapidly changing and highly competitive and anything can happen. “That’s the reason for which I have huge admiration for the likes of Samini and Okyeame Kwame who still pursued higher learning despite their music success.

“As I said earlier, things are fast changing and it will get to a time that artistes will need more than talent and hard work to maintain their fame and success,” he said.

Trigmatic added that Ghanaian artistes could gain global recognition and make a lot of good money too if they explored other markets other than making Nigeria their benchmark for success. “I think the comparison between Ghanaian and Nigerian musicians is just too much and it is high time we stopped. Ghanaian musicians have to find their target audience beyond Ghana and make it an effort to introduce themselves and their music to their new fans in other countries,” he said.

The rapper is known for songs such as Gye Nyame, Akwantuo and Something Dey.

Credit: Pulse Ghana



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